Our Philosophy

Aquatic life support systems must maintain both healthy water for good animal welfare and clear water to allow intimate and inspiring views into the lives of the animals advocated.

Alvine Aquatics understands that the conservation efforts of zoos and aquariums are both communicated and funded through exhibiting animals to the visiting public. The exhibits must present an intimate and inspiring view into the lives of animals that the institutions are advocating. For this reason, aquatic life support systems must not only maintain healthy water for good animal welfare but also maintain sufficiently clear water to allow the animals and their environment to be seen clearly. Aquatic life support systems often must also feed naturalistic water features in the exhibits. For each exhibit, Alvine works with the architects and institution to integrate a customized life support system into the exhibit that will support the desired visitor experience.  Our firm’s background in mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) systems helps us integrate life support systems with all other building systems.