Our Team

As an award-winning team, we have learned something about being innovative and applying creativity to all projects.  Our knowledge of mechanical, electrical, and technology engineering disciplines allows for seamless integration of the life support designs into an exhibit, which optimizes visitor comfort, animal health, and effective facility staffing and monitoring of animal safety.

Steven T. Alvine, P.E., LEED AP, CxA
Principal-in-Charge, Lead Life Support Systems Engineer
Steve has extensive technical knowledge of the design of life support systems for aquatic and zoo exhibits.  In his role as Principal-in-Charge of Alvine Aquatics projects, Steve leads the conceptual design of life support systems and is responsible for quality assurance.  In his 25+ years as a mechanical engineer, he has worked on a variety of aquatic and zoo exhibits across the country.  He is valued as a leader in the life support engineering industry.

Craig P. Johnson, P.E.
Life Support Systems Project Engineer
Craig earned a Master’s degree in Architectural Engineering in 2007, and is a registered professional mechanical engineer. His understanding of building systems and coordinating these with architecture has helped him integrate aquatic life support systems into new and existing zoo and aquarium exhibits for over 10 years.