Denver Zoo Avian Propagation Building

Denver, Colorado

Alvine Aquatics provided mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems design services for this $2.7 million, 14,700-square-foot building comprised of three wings, multiple outdoor holding areas and an incubation room. The facility is primarily used for bird breeding, with some public spaces and offices

Species that rarely mate while on exhibit get the privacy they need thanks to the new Avian Propagation Center. It also offers the zoo an opportunity to increase the number of birds in its collection. The center is one of the largest, if not the largest, propagation centers in the nation.

The center is open to the public only for tours, but an interpretive pathway winds along two sides, providing visitors with glimpses of the birds in the outdoor areas of their cages and signs explaining the facility’s operation.

Of the zoo’s more than 200 species, 37 will be housed at the new center, including:

  • Bali mynah, only 20 of which are believed to exist in the wild
  • Palm cockatoos, which are bred in the United States only at the Denver Zoo
  • Waldrapp ibis (critically endangered)
  • Yellow-bellied thrush (critically endangered)
  • Storm stork (endangered)
  • Red-crowned crane (endangered)
  • Painted stork (near threatened)
  • Mountain peacock pheasant (vulnerable)