Mesker Park Zoo Tropics Building

Evansville, Indiana

Alvine Aquatics was contracted to design the life support systems for fish and caiman exhibits within the Mesker Park Zoo’s “Amazonia” rain forest exhibit.

A $100,000-renovation project includes three tanks (one for caiman, the others for fish) comprising the 4,600 gallons of a single-system exhibit.

A 75-minute turnover was the design basis. One redundant main circulation pump was designed into the system, and rapid sand filters were provided for the circulated water.  An ozone contact system was included to provide disinfection. A small ozone generator includes an air prep unit to filter, dry, and compress the air to the ozone generator. A high-volume low-pressure air blower puts air bubbles into the display tank at a low visibility location to ensure oxygen levels in the tank are adequate.