Tulsa Zoo Helmerich Sea Lion Cove

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Alvine Aquatics provided mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and life support systems design for a new, enlarged sea lion exhibit. The new exhibit, which will includes a chilled 100,000-gallon saltwater tank, underwater viewing areas and larger living quarters, was built on the same site as the existing exhibit. The new exhibit allows the Tulsa Zoo to expand the sea lion collection from two animals to four or five.

Life Support System Components

  • Two circulation pumps with basket strainers, each providing half the circulation flow, supply two horizontal, stacked, rapid flow sand filters.
  • Disinfection is provided by side stream flow going through a packaged, skid-mounted ozone disinfection unit
  • The exhibit was designed to be a saltwater exhibit to comply with AZA recommendations for long-term health of the eyes of the sea lions.