Henry Doorly Zoo Conservation and Research Center

Omaha, Nebraska

The Henry Doorly Zoo Grewcock Center for Conservation and Research is used for the improved care, management and propagation of endangered species at local, national and international levels. This technologically-advanced center promotes scientific investigation and facilitates science education programs at secondary, undergraduate, and graduate student levels.

The primary goal of the center is preservation of endangered species and the advancement of the Henry Doorly Zoo’s involvement in international conservation efforts.

Eight laboratories, outfitted with specialized lab equipment, accommodate research areas for genetics, reproduction, nutrition, isotope, tissue and embryo culture, and cryogenics. Highly-detailed mechanical and electrical systems designed by Alvine Aquatics efficiently serve the diverse spaces within the building.

Major Program Spaces

  • Three-level addition to an existing 2,000-square-foot building
  • Eight laboratories (accommodating research for genetics, reproduction, nutrition, isotope, tissue and embryo culture, and cryogenics)
  • Offices
  • Surgery and exam rooms
  • Animal holding areas
  • Overnight lodging for visiting researchers

Mechanical Systems

  • Variable air volume HVAC system
  • Laboratory fume hood exhaust and controls
  • Direct digital control system, tied to the campus energy management system
  • Integration of building systems to accept the campus energy plant chilled water
  • Laboratory designed plumbing and piping systems
  • Provisions for air and laboratory gases

Electrical Systems

  • Lighting system
  • Power distribution system
  • Emergency power system
  • Monitoring and alarm systems
  • Utility connections for lab equipment and related controls